Project Management


Business in 21st century is no longer business as usual. We are witnessing faster paced changes and increasingly complex and competitive business environment that now makes Project and Programme Management vital and indispensable business skills. Few years ago, who would ever have thought that Nokia will be surpassed as the world leading mobile phone company? According to UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC), around 70% of UK business projects fail to meet their objectives. In Africa, Project and Programme Management is also fast becoming part of the main stream business function as the continent progressively becomes viable growth window for global economy.
Don’t leave your success to chance. At LASSOD, we provide world class Project and Programme Management expertise with unique blend of knowledge of business culture of UK and Africa. We make it simple and easy for you to drive change in any area of your business leaving you to focus on your core business activities. Our Project Managers are fully trained and certified where required; to deliver the desired outcomes giving your business the opportunity to develop and sustain the agility required to compete in this fast changing world.
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