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Human behaviour is a key driver that impacts on organisational behaviour and performance. Managing these dynamics in an ever rapidly changing business terrain requires appropriate skills and expertise. As we all know, this is even more imperative when one thinks of rapid changes in employment laws even in developing countries making it increasingly difficult for companies to keep up to date with compliance requirements. In the UK alone, 230,000 tribunal cases were recorded IN 2011. How about competition? For organisations to remain competitive in these days, they must invest in their most valuable asset - their manpower. Lassod Human Capital is built on a foundation of integrity, innovation, professionalism and unwavering commitment to service delivery. We pride ourselves as a customer focused organisation providing value added solutions that can help clients leverage on the human capital potential inherent in their workforce, making it easier for them to attain their strategic objectives.


We provide a range of human resource management services that can support any organisation regardless of its size. We deliver human capital solutions ranging from traditional off-the shelf packages to innovative bespoke products, for simple to complex needs.

It may be that your firm requires valuable outsourced services not available in house specifically for employment or strategic human resource planning or management. Such support enables companies to access levels of expertise that may not be available in-house, equally allowing them concentrate on areas of their core competence.


We offer fast and effective service delivery. The flexible nature of our service   guarantees that clients’ needs are always met cost effectively regardless of industry or size. Clients will always benefit from added value we create, an outcome that is embedded at the heart of our service delivery as well as our core values of integrity, professionalism, transparency and results. Using our fresh pairs of eyes, we seek to help unearth the strength and vulnerabilities within an organisation’s workforce and proffer sustainable solutions for the organisation.


For more information on our services or how we can work with you to achieve your human resource management objectives please contact


For any company to successfully take advantage of emerging opportunities in Africa, ready supply of skilled manpower is vital to achieving this objective. Our human capital services is not just that of another recruitment agency but a service that works with individual clients to ensure their personality and skill set are matched with those of organisations we partner with. Headed by Linda Onodu, we offer clearly defined services to African-based and or international companies expanding into Africa seeking highly skilled Africans in Diaspora professionals or expatriates. With our deep rooted network within the UK Africans in Diaspora professionals’ world, we have unsurpassed pool of professionals enough to guarantee you supply of quality skilled manpower that meets your specification.




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