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About Lassod

With unprecedented population growth taking place across most sub-Saharan African countries the need for African local governments and municipal authorities to rapidly accelerate their efficiency delivery capacities has become greater than ever before. Often, local government authorities have to settle for poor and/or expensive services due to lack of financial muscle needed to achieve the level of scale economies most central governments enjoy.

At Lassod, we specialise in the delivery of diversified business and management solutions to local government entities and government parastatals in sub-Saharan African countries. As a UK based management consultancy, we pride ourselves in the ability to consistently deliver quality services that is commensurate with global standards whilst delivering highly sought-after competitive cost efficiencies through our portfolio of diversified business solutions designed to meet specific needs of clients.

Our Values

Our products and services are delivered in accordance with values of listening, professionalism, integrity, performance and results. Want to know more? Click here to see our range of services.